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Top Grade Chemical Raw Materials HPMC Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose Cas N

Top Grade Chemical Raw Materials HPMC Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose Cas N

Lead Time : 7days

Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 KG

Price From : $3.03 - $0.00 Each

Brand Name / Part Number SLEO
Made in CHINA
Available Colours or Verity WHITE

HPMC is a highly pure cotton cellulose as raw material, under alkaline conditions by special etherification and preparation.White or whitish powder.HPMC decreases with the decrease of methoxide content, increase of gel point, decrease of water solubility and decrease of surface activity.HPMC has thickening ability, salt resistance, low ash powder, pH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film forming, and a wide range of enzyme resistance, dispersion and adhesion.Therefore, for cement and plaster based motors, will be your best choice. It's white or off-white powder ,non-toxic tasteless, and readily soluble in hot or cold water. HPMC also used for ceramics, tobaccos and detergents, etc.


1. Construction Industry

With good thixotropy and adhesive, mortar can be pumped. As binders in plaster, gypsum material, putty powder or other materials.

2. Ceramic Industry: widely used as a binder in the manufacture of ceramic products.
3. Paint or Ink Printing Industry: with good compatibility in water or organic solventsas, it can be used as a thickening agent, dispersing agent and stabilizer and can also be used in paint remover.
4.  Plastic: used as forming release agent, softening agent, lubricant etc.
5. PVC: As dispersant in the polyvinyl chloride production, the main auxiliaries of suspension polymerization for preparing PVC.

6. Others: This product is also widely used in leather, paper products and the textile industry.

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