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PP Staple Fiber

PP Staple Fiber

Lead Time : as your demands

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Metric Ton Acre

Price From : £2000.00 - £0.00 Each

PP Staple Fiber



PP Staple Fiber is a kind of fiber. Polypropylene staple fiber can

improve the crack resistance, impermeability, erosion resistance,frost resistance, anti-explosive ability of mortar / concrete and

improve the workability of concrete. Tens of millions of fibers are evenly distributed in the mortar /

concrete, which plays a very good role in micro-reinforcement. This maintains the integrity of the

structure and prevents the structure from being scattered into many fragments when it is damaged impact, which prevents Corrosion of reinforcing steel in the structure can greatly extend the service life of the project and reduce the maintenance cost of the project .




1.Cement mortar

Inner (outer) wall stucco, aerated concrete plaster, interior putty and insulation mortar.


2.  Anti-explosion and fire-resistant engineering

Civil defense military engineering, oil platforms, chimneys, refractories, etc.

3.  Shotcrete 

Tunnel, culvert lining, thin-walled structure, slope reinforcement, etc.

4. Concrete rigid self-waterproof structure Basement floor, side wall, ceiling, roof cast-in-place floor, reservoir, etc. Anti-cracking, anti-shock, anti-wear, demanding engineering,hydraulic engineering, subway, airport runway, port terminal, overpass viaduct deck, pier,super-long structure, etc.


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