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Biomedical 10micron Hydroxyapatite for Hospital Bone Repairing

Biomedical 10micron Hydroxyapatite for Hospital Bone Repairing

Lead Time : 15days

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 KG

Price From : $660.00 - $0.00 Each

Brand Name / Part Number Particle Cloud
Made in China
Material Type Biomedical Grade
Available Colours or Verity White
OEM / Custom Logo Custom Logo
Size / Dimensions 10μm
Packaging Bag
Certifications / Safety Standards ISO9001
Port / Freight / Delivery Shanghai, China
Prefered Payment Methods T/T, L/C
Supply Ability (How many you can make per week) 0.5kg
Batch Production Date 15
Condition New
Other Features Bioprinting Material

Biomedical 10micron Hydroxyapatite for Hospital Bone Repairing

1. Product Description

Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the main inorganic mineral component of animal and human skeleton, which has good biological activity and biocompatibility. HA is a synthetic material similar to the main inorganic components of natural bone. It can form a close combination with bone. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic, non-mutagenic, non-hemolytic, non-destructive to biological tissues, and can form a strong chemical combination with bone. It is easy to shape and is widely used in bone tissue restoration. The product specifications meet the requirements of GMP standard of the medicine of China, YY0303-1998 Medical Hydroxyapatite Powder.


2. Physicochemical Properties

Chemical name: hydroxyapatite

Molecular weight: 1004

Molecular formula: Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2

Density: 3.16g/cm3

Melting point: 1650 ℃

Element content: purity ≥ 99%, heavy metal ≤ 4 ppm, arsenic ≤ 1 ppm

Whiteness: 96

PH: 7.4

Average Size: 300nm~20μm in various specifications

Morphology: amorphous form, sphericity, fibrous form

Cytotoxicity test: relative survival rate of 100% extract group ≥ 90%


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