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About your Mini website

About your Mini website

Along with other amazing features, impexly.com offers your own mini website feature to all suppliers. Free suppliers have limited privilages for their miniwebsite but Gold suppliers can really enjoy their own easy to maintain mini website.

Which allow you to have

1- Your own top Banner

2- Your own Product Showcase

3- About Your company Page & Banner and

4 - Contact Us page.

Manage Banner

Additional Pages

Ctreating Product Showcase is easy and fast.

Add more products. After clicking on Add New Product, you will land on this page. where you can add products and build your portfolio. Dont rush, Give nice title and detailed description. This product will be here in your showcase untill you delete it and probably visible to millions of people, and will play important role in diverting more customers to you.

Gold supplier can upload upto 10,000 products in various categories. Share your product showcase on social media, by email or by link. There are so many other options for you as Gold member that its not possible to list and explain all here. Join Us FREE to find out more about how impexly.com is the best option for you as small / medium or even large organisation.JOIN US Now for FREE